Busquei em meus pensamentos elevar minha mente e descobrir outros caminhos que pudessem me levar a ver outro modo de agir e pensar.
Criei textos, tanto espirituais, quanto românticos, que fazem dos meus momentos de reflexão, meus momentos de criação.

I called up my mind to raise my thoughts and find other ways that could take me to see another way of acting and thinking.
Created texts, both spiritual and romantic, which make of my reflective moments, my moments of creation.

terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011


Why all of planets are in shape of sphere?
Is it for the sake of rotation?
I don´t think so!
Or, at the Big Bang, all of them crashed and became spheres?
Not probable!
The atmosphere is responsible for that?
No, it isn´t.
We have to think about it.
I`ve an opinion.

                I think God with his illuminated hands took each planet, one by one, and started to energize all of them, forced in his hands, shaping beautiful spheres and placed them on their right space, forming the universe.

                When He creates our galaxy, He did the same thing, but when He put the Earth in orbit and rotation corrects, He went away, looked back to his beautiful blue sphere and sent a kiss.

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